Innovative methodology for battery testing

About the project

Growth and innovation in the battery industry are often hampered by expensive and time-consuming protocols and testing. To give an example, a battery designed in 2023 may only reach the production stage by 2032, as the performance, ageing, and safety characteristics of the battery must be evaluated through lengthy trial-and-error tests.
The European project THOR aims to shorten the timeframe, reduce the number of physical tests and promote innovation in battery design by developing a virtual tool – a so-called Digital Twin – that simulates battery behaviour. The project will target mobility and stationary applications and focus on commonly used battery chemistries (accounting for 60 percent of the market share by 2030)


The project aims to contribute to advancements in battery technology and its widespread adoption. The mission is to develop and share high-quality models and a Digital Twin for batteries, initially targeting the battery industry with broader applications.

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